Asociatia Interactive Education

Asociatia Interactive Education (A.I.E.) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, dealing with different educational programmes for adults and also for children/pupils and young people.

The association organizes international and national projects, training courses, study workshops and conferences in the fields of multimedia and audiovisual didactic materials, ICT and web design, foreign languages, ethnography, customs and traditions, handicrafts and cultural tourism for adults from disadvantaged groups and people who are under the risk of socio-economic exclusion.

The organisation has 25 members who works in different fields and levels of education. They are teachers, psychologists, ICT professionals, nurses, doctors and social workers. The staff is not paid for the activities they realize in the country; the organisation being a non-profit one which receive money from different sponsorships.

A.I.E. organizes national and international contests in the field of education for schools: teachers and pupils gathered in teams and working together to obtain audiovisual didactic materials with different subjects.

A.I.E. collaborates with other national and international organizations. Our members have great experience in adult education having participated in three Grundtvig projects as trainers. They have also worked on Comenius and Leonardo da Vinci partnership projects.

A.I.E. realizes e-learning platforms and educational software for youth and adults with different disabilities and adults who belong to unemployed or disadvantage groups.

Contact details:
Asociatia Interactive Education
Bals, Olt County, Romania


Contact person:
Nicolae Loghinas


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