Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Edukacji “Pomost”

We are a NGO, active since 2006. At this time, the association has 18 members and around 50 people who cooperate with us in many fields. We operate in the province of Lubusz, where the population was repatriated in 1945 from the area of present-day Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania. This part of the history is still incumbent on society, generating a risk of social exclusion. Population of province is about 1 million. The unemployment rate is high, at the end of 2014 years was 13%. According to the CBOS in the last 10 years, 12% of the Lubusz worked abroad, and the country has left 4% of the population. This has an impact on the situation in the family, the education of children and their development disorders. Therefore, our actions are aimed at the supporting of the inhabitants.

The objectives of our activities include:

1. Promote and support social initiatives in the field of education, sports, culture and tourism.

2.Acting for the comprehensive development of the local community.

3.Help to disabled and unemployed.

4. Supporting education in particular children, young people and women.

5. Tackling social exclusion in any form.

6. Building mutual relationships.

7. Development of awareness.

8. Supporting efforts to promote lifelong learning.

9.Supporting actions leading to the improvement of qualifications, skills and level of education.

10. Cooperation with NGOs and institutions across the country and abroad.

11. Support to NGOs – the so-called. the third sector.

12. Promoting the development of civil society.

13. Promoting young people’s participation in public life.

14. Supporting youth volunteering.

15 Promoting wider equal educational opportunities.

16. Acting agains unemployment.

17.Supporting rural development.18.Develop social services.

The organization has been registred as the training institution for 8 years and organizes trainings in the subject of ICT, languages, entrepreneurskip, art . We organize transational educational workshops for public institutions, NGOs, companies. In 2014 Social Integration Center was established by us to activate unemployed people in the region. In 2017 we established Rest Home for 20 seniors. We also run small grant projects to help 20 homeless people in the region- so far we had 3 of them.

We are involved in 2 ESF projects on regional level -the main subject is to develop social inclusion of people from excluded groups. The number of payed staff-18, unpayed-5, members of the organization -20, learners -100.

We have many recomandation to act : from Marshal Office Social Department, from Mayor of Świebodzin ,Foreman of Swiebodzin District, Job Centre.In 2012-2014 the organization took part in the regional project Go NGO! run by Collegium Polonicum where the quality standards for NGO were established and implemented.




Address and contact details:

Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Edukacji Pomost

Park Chopina 4, 66-200 Świebodzin


Regon: 080086485 NIP: 927-187-32-07 KRS: 0000 252395