Euroform RFS

Euroform RFS is an Italian VET and adult training institution established in 1996 and accredited by the national government of Italian Republic. It operates in sector of vocational and adult training as well as career guidance. Initially being established in Cosenza city, Euroform has been expanding in the following years in other Italian cities: Turin and Naples. Euroform RFS organizes basically tailored training courses in different sectors regarding safety on the job, international trade, business administration and marketing, project management and administration, Italian language courses for foreigners, protection and management of environment, sustainable tourism, import and export, ecc.

It has developed training on-the-job, e-learning, blended training as Euroform RFS gives a particular attention to ICT- based training, innovative training methods. It is important for Euroform RFS to link training to the labour market, in fact one of the main activities is to organize work placements and it has implemented numerous mobility projects permitting to VET and higher education students to do work placements in Italian companies.

Euroform RFS has been acting for many years in organizing internships for VET and university students in Italian companies operating in various areas: ICT, engineering, mechanics engineering, business administration, editor, graphic design, economics, marketing, public administration, accountancy, tourism, veterinary, Italian cuisine, catering, equestrian, architecture, agriculture, alternative energy resources, ecc. European Commission has accredited Euroform with VET Mobility Charter 2015 – 2020 (2015-1-IT01-KA109-004882). for a numerous qualitative mobility projects (incoming/outgoing) implemented.

Euroform RFS also organizes training courses for VET and other educational experts, and staff members. Also organizes meetings, visits, round table discussions in a wide range of subjects, including thematic regarding the analysis and the comparison between the different European educational systems, schools’ management, the international co-operation among schools, the comparison and study of innovative methodologies in education and training, orientation and guidance, ICT – based learning, validation and assessment of learning outcomes, informal and non-formal learning.

Euroform RFS also has developed several tools (ECVET and own tools from participation in previous Transfer of Innovation projects) for transparency in validating and assessing the learning outcomes obtained during the mobility period.

Euroform RFS from 2014 makes also a part of EURODESK Network which contributes to the promotion and orientation of different EU programmes dedicated to youth.
Since 2014 Euroform is also officially accredited as a Labour office by the Labour ministry of Italian Republic that means that we assist to integrate or re-integrate to the labour market, we are oriented in balancing the demand and supply of the labour market as well as to assist in preparation of the training programmes more oriented to needs and requirements of the labour market.

Address and contact details:

Head Quarter: 
P.zza della Libertà, 40 – 87036
Rende (CS)

Telephone number:  00390984467735